Consultants for Development Programmes (CDP) was founded in 1982, as a company specialised in technical assistance and advisory services on international development cooperation. CDP is based in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

CDP has competitive knowledge on rural development, local governance and policy development. It has got expertise and experience in all phases of project cycle management. CDP has been providing long-term project management services and implementing short-term assignments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Consultancy services have been carried out for multilateral and international agencies, bilateral donors, international NGOs and national governments.


Picture: CDP in action, Shinyanga, Tanzania
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For further information do not hesitate to contact our office in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Mr Paul Sijssens (director)

Ms Marion Bogers (administration)

Papenpad 44
6705 CP Wageningen
The Netherlands

+31 640 558 561

CDP consultants have considerable long-term field experience, particularly in management of rural programmes, enabling them to provide practical and effective management advice.

CDP can call upon a group of affiliated international, as well as locally based, consultants and firms.

CDP started a cooperation in 2016 with Fair & Sustainable Consulting.